DETROIT, Nov. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute recognized its 2019 Heroes of Cancer at an evening reception held Nov. 6, at The Gem Theatre, in Detroit. This year’s event celebrated Karmanos’ 25th year of honoring individuals and organizations that have distinguished themselves and inspired others as they advocate for and raise awareness of all types of cancers. More than 150 guests gathered to pay tribute to these unsung heroes. Ann Delisi, radio/television personality and host of Ann Delisi’s Essential Music on WDET101.9 FM, served as emcee and was also one of this year’s honorees.

Karmanos Cancer Institute honored its 2019 Heroes of Cancer at a special reception held Nov. 6. This year's inspirational heroes are (left to right) Todd McKay, Audrey Ray, Connie Claybaker, Michael Hunt, Renee Schuett, Ann Delisi, Jerry Gorski, Asfar Azmi, Ph.D., Kay-Uwe Wagner, Ph.D., Jeanne Melton, RN, Nancie Petrucelli, M.S., CGC, Izabela Babinski, Frank Fields, Dreshawna Triplett and Linda Robinson, MSW. Not pictured are Frank McGeorge, M.D., and Philip, M.D., Ph.D. - Photo credit Sean Cook

This year’s 15 award categories recognized a wide range of community members including survivors, organizations, medical and scientific leaders, and media representatives – all who champion for those battling cancer. Whether it’s raising awareness to help prevent the disease or detect it early, providing services to help patients and their families, inspiring others while faced with cancer or fundraising to help advance cancer research to improve outcomes and enhance survivorship, each of these individuals, organizations and groups make a difference for those impacted with cancer.

«This event is a wonderful opportunity to recognize the extraordinary achievements of those dedicated to making life better for all cancer patients and their families,» said Katrina Studvent, chief development officer, Karmanos Cancer Institute. «Each year, we’re honored to shed light on the inspirational heroes who, in their own way, help make a difference for those touched by this disease.»

Karmanos Cancer Institute is metro Detroit’s only National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, treating more than 200 types of cancer. Proud to be part of McLaren Health Care, Karmanos now has 16 treatment locations throughout Michigan, making it the largest provider of cancer care and research in the state.

«I feel privileged to work with the incredibly gifted team at Karmanos who help develop new cancer therapies that other health organizations will use in the future,» said Gerold Bepler, M.D., Ph.D., president and chief executive officer of Karmanos Cancer Institute and chair of the Department of Oncology at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

«Our scientists are world leaders in cancer treatment development. Each is dedicated to the well-being of cancer patients, helping to advance treatment breakthroughs that can lead to improved outcomes – not just for those treated at Karmanos but for all cancer patients. It takes all of us working together to provide the multi-faceted support needed for cancer patients and their loved ones to survive and thrive. I am humbled by this year’s honorees and truly grateful for all they do to help those impacted by cancer.»

About the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute 
Karmanos Cancer Institute is a leader in transformative cancer care, research and education through courage, commitment and compassion. Our vision is a world free of cancer. Headquartered in Detroit with 16 locations throughout Michigan, proudly a part of McLaren Health Care, makes Karmanos the largest provider of cancer care and research in the state. Karmanos is recognized by the National Cancer Institute as one of the best cancer centers in the nation. Our academic partnership with the Wayne State University School of Medicine provides the framework for cancer research and education – defining new standards of care and improving survivorship. For more information, call 1-800-KARMANOS (800-527-6266) or visit Follow Karmanos on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Following are Karmanos Cancer Institute’s 2019 Heroes of Cancer.

Recognizing an individual or organization for assisting in efforts to reach the community with the importance of cancer early detection, cancer care, and/or survivorship, in a volunteer capacity.

  • Organization: Prevent Cancer Foundation. Accepting the award was Jeanne Melton, oncology nurse navigator for lung cancer at Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Northern Michigan, and Izabela Babinska, foundation relations officer for the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation, both from Petoskey.

The mission of the Prevent Cancer Foundation, based in Alexandrea, Virginia, is to save lives across all populations through cancer prevention and early detection. The Foundation’s programs have impacted thousands of lives, providing resources specifically targeted at prevention and screening. In August 2018, the Prevent Cancer Foundation awarded the McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation a grant to support an early lung cancer screening and a smoking cessation program. During the past year, the grant has provided early lung cancer screenings for more than 400 people and has helped launch cancer prevention education programs to more than 30,000 individuals across northern Michigan. Additionally, the grant has served as a catalyst for the Karmanos Cancer Network to implement software that connects electronic medical records to the America College of Radiology (ACR) Lung Cancer Screening Registry. This allows screenings performed across the network to be reimbursed by health insurance.

«All of us at the Prevent Cancer Foundation are thrilled to be honored with this Heroes of Cancer Community Service Award from the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. The Foundation has been solely dedicated to cancer prevention and early detection since 1985. Thank you for recognizing our contributions to helping communities stop cancer before it starts!» – Erica Childs Warner, senior director, Evaluation & Outreach

Honoring a health care professional whose treatment of cancer patients has been marked by exceptional technical skill, combined with sensitivity and compassion.

  • Linda Robinson, MSW, of Davidson, social worker for Karmanos Cancer Institute in Clarkston and Lapeer

Linda Robinson is a social worker for Karmanos Cancer Institute in Clarkston and Lapeer. She has more than 30 years of experience as a dedicated and compassionate caregiver at Karmanos and McLaren Health Care. She embraces her patients with her entire heart and works many long hours caring for them. She not only attends to their emotional needs, she also works diligently to locate resources for food, housing and adequate health insurance coverage. Additionally, she assists patients with complicated financial issues and insurance forms.

Robinson has also been instrumental in initiating many patient support programs, including a patient drug assistance program with the cooperation of pharmaceutical vendors. She also maintains a food pantry and a wig room at Karmanos locations at Lapeer and Clarkston to meet patients’ basic and special needs.

«I am so very pleased to be honored with the Compassionate Caregiver Award, as I believe that compassion is at the heart of what we do. I have a passion for helping patients get the support and resources that they need as they cope with cancer, and to enable them to live their best lives.»  – Linda Robinson

Named after Maureen Keenan Meldrum, former Karmanos and Susan G. Komen employee who, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, spent years providing help and support to others fighting cancer. This award recognizes an individual for their unprecedented commitment, compassion and demonstrated leadership that engages, supports and inspires others in the fight to end cancer.

  • Constance Claybaker of West Bloomfield, ovarian cancer survivor

Connie Claybaker worked at Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit for 13 years, most recently as associate center director of Research Administration. She retired in December 2016 with the hope of spending her time traveling and enjoying retirement with her partner Kathy. Her life rapidly changed in early 2018 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her disease required her to make life-altering decisions about her care. In her role at Karmanos, Claybaker managed the administrative aspects of clinical trials and realized the important contributions clinical trials make toward the advancement of new cancer therapies. She felt a professional and personal obligation to participate in a clinical trial. She believed that if someone before her had participated in a clinical trial that ultimately was helping her, it was her duty to pay it forward. Throughout her treatments, even when she wasn’t feeling well, she maintained her wonderful sense of humor and hopeful spirit. She continues to be a mentor and friend to so many other cancer patients.

«Activists and volunteers are essential in this fight for the cure. To even be mentioned in the same sentence with Maureen Meldrum is a humbling experience. Wonder Woman pales in comparison.» – Connie Claybaker

Named after Geri Lester who advocated for other cancer patients before she lost her 20-year battle with breast cancer, this award honors an individual whose battle with cancer has been an inspiration to family, friends and community.

  • In Honor: Renee Schuett of Ortonville, survivor of breast and ovarian cancer, as well as acute myelodysplastic leukemia

Renee Schuett has fought three different types of cancers, breast, ovarian and acute myelodysplastic leukemia in her young life and has done so with grace and determination. While admitted for treatments, Schuett has always had a positive attitude and encourages other patients during their own treatments. She helped establish a walking program for patients at Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Oakland and encouraged the hospital administration to set up a lap board so that patients could track the number of laps they walk each day. She has also been an advocate for cancer research and participation in the National Bone Marrow Registry. She has used her cancer journey to encourage others to become bone marrow donors and to support oncology programs. As a mother of two young daughters, Schuett has served as an inspiration to everyone. She remains positive in the face of cancer and does not give up the fight.  

«I’m so honored to be able to stand here today, with my family by my side, to accept this award. I’ve been fighting this battle three times and I am only looking forward to my future.» –- Renee Schuett

  • In Memory: Tarome Wright of Romulus, local comedian whose stage name was «Coolaide,» passed away of sarcoma in 2018. Accepting the award in his memory was Tarome’s niece, Deshawna Triplett.

Detroit Comedian Tarome Wright, affectionately known by his stage name Coolaide, was diagnosed with sarcoma in 2014. He was well noted for his performances on BET’s ComicView, Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes? During his cancer treatments, which spanned five years, Coolaide toured with fellow comedian Lil Duval. Sadly, Wright passed away from his disease in December 2018. He was a patient of Amy Weise, D.O., at Karmanos in Detroit, and was loved by many. He used his platform as a comedian to encourage cancer patients everywhere and brought laughter wherever he went. During his fight with cancer, Coolaide put on a free comedy show for cancer patients in the metro Detroit area. At the show, he encouraged patients to stand up and share their stories about their own cancer experiences. His legacy of using laughter to get through the most difficult times and his willingness to share his story with others will live on with all who knew and loved him.

«Take advantage of being alive. Do it, people. Love hard. Forgive people and don’t take nothing for granted. You die once. But you love every day» – Tarome «Coolaide» Wright (Excerpt from a 2018 video.)

For helping to bring about a society that encourages people to speak out about their illness, educate others about cancer and increase funding for cancer research.

  • Individual: Philip A. Philip, M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.P., of Farmington Hills, leader of the Gastrointestinal (GI) and Neuroendocrine Oncology Multidisciplinary Team at Karmanos Cancer Institute, and professor of Oncology and Pharmacology at Wayne State University School of Medicine

Dr. Philip A. Philip has done extensive studies to improve the treatment of patients with GI cancers. This is reflected in his numerous publications that detail some of the best treatments, including more than 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts and more than 50 review articles and book chapters. In 2019, Dr. Philip was named the chair of Gastrointestinal Cancers at the Southwest Oncology Group. In this role, he will continue to develop clinical trials at the national level to help bring better and more effective treatments to cancer patients – not only the patients at Karmanos but others fighting GI cancers throughout the country. In addition, Dr. Philip is continually sought after for his knowledge and expertise regarding pancreatic cancer. No matter how busy he is, he finds time to meet with patients and their families to address the questions, concerns and treatment options regarding this very challenging disease. He is a world-renowned expert whose team is also compassionate. Together, they are a relentless force determined to do all they can to improve survivorship, as well as to make sure the time a patient has with their loved ones is of the highest quality.  

«I am humbled to be recognized as a Hero of Cancer. I am privileged to work alongside the dedicated team at Karmanos who support me in my work and serve our cancer patients in the best possible way. This award is an acknowledgement of teamwork and I promise to continue to do my best for those battling this disease. I learn from my patients who are true heroes!»  – Dr. Philip Philip

  • Organization: Kids Kicking Cancer, Southfield-based, founded by Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg. Michael Hunt, martial arts instructor and cancer survivor, accepted the award.

Kids Kicking Cancer was established 20 years ago by Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, international director of the Southfield-based organization, as well as clinical professor at Wayne State University School of Medicine. Affectionately known as Rabbi G, he was inspired to create the organization after losing his two-year-old daughter, Sarah, to leukemia. Kids Kicking Cancer teaches children about power, peace and purpose through breathing, martial arts movements and meditation. One of its martial artists, Michael Hunt, has endless patience, humor and warmth when connecting with young cancer patients. Hunt is just one of the Kids Kicking Cancer representatives who teaches classes for children on active cancer treatment, as well as their siblings who also face their own challenges and stressors. There is no hour of the day that Hunt won’t travel to Detroit, Ann Arbor or beyond to serve the regional children’s hospitals and to support their most vulnerable patients through challenging treatments. There are times when he and his colleagues are the only support for children whose parents aren’t able to be with them because of transportation issues or other child care or work responsibilities.

«Kids Kicking Cancer is building a Heroes Circle™ around the world of powerful little martial artists who teach and inspire. These children face down pain, fear and anger with their ability to breathe in the light and blow out the darkness. We are honored to accept the prestigious Karmanos Cancer Institute Heroes of Cancer Leadership Award. Karmanos was one of the first institutions to present our program 20 years ago.» – Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg «Rabbi G» Founder and Global Director            

Recognizing outstanding media work that communicates important messages about cancer awareness.

  • Individual: Frank McGeorge, M.D., of St. Clair Shores, medical reporter at WDIV Local 4  

Dr. Frank McGeorge is the medical reporter at WDIV Local 4 Detroit. His medical knowledge and experience as an emergency room physician at Henry Ford Health System gives him insight on what health information can serve as a resource for the public. He is professional and fair in his reporting, highlighting health stories from many hospitals and health care centers across the southeast Michigan region and beyond. Dr. McGeorge carefully articulates each story with accuracy, no matter how complex, and communicates it in a way the non-medical public can understand. He has covered several stories highlighting the cutting-edge research, cancer services and survivor stories at Karmanos Cancer Institute throughout the years. However, his outstanding coverage over the last two years related to pancreatic cancer has elevated awareness and education highlighting this complex disease, which all too often is diagnosed at a late stage. The media coverage showcasing some high-profile individuals who have battled this disease led to interviews with Karmanos pancreatic cancer experts Philip A. Philip, M.D., Ph.D., and Asfar Azmi. Ph.D., as well as Sheila Sky-Kasselman, a pancreatic cancer survivor and founder of the Sky Foundation, Pancreatic cancer is a challenging disease. The sooner it can be diagnosed, the better. With the expertise of Dr. McGeorge and those he interviews, he sheds light on the research underway and the need for funding to support it, and details the courage of those facing pancreatic cancer and the doctors and researchers who dedicate their lives to improving survival outcomes. 

«As a practicing physician, I see the toll cancer takes on people every day. As a medical reporter it is my privilege to share stories of inspiration, hope and medical progress. I can only hope that by raising awareness, there will be increased funding and research into prevention, detection and treatment. It is an honor to be recognized in this way.» – Dr. Frank McGeorge

Honoring an individual and/or organization that has dedicated resources and talents to benefit the cause of cancer.

  • Organization: Department of Michigan Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, based in Lansing. Jerry Gorski of the Department of Michigan VFW accepted the award

In 1983, the Department of Michigan Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States began its program to furnish monetary aid for cancer research. Members of the VFW have generously dedicated funds to support cancer research initiatives to help eradicate this disease. As a result, to date, VFW members have contributed more than $800,000 to support Karmanos Cancer Institute’s and Wayne State University School of Medicine’s cancer research initiatives. Michigan veterans raise funds through a variety of activities and events at local posts, which not only helps fund research but also raises awareness and education regarding this disease. For the past several years, VFW members have supported Karmanos’ Prostate Cancer Research Program. For their enthusiastic and generous financial support to help advance cancer research, Karmanos Cancer Institute is honored to present the Department of Michigan Veterans of Foreign Wars the 2019 Heroes of Cancer Philanthropy Award for an Organization.

«We here at the VFW are humbled and honored to have been selected to win this award. We take great pride in providing funds to assist in furthering cancer research and hope to be able to continue for years to come.» – Lynn Patterson, State Quartermaster/Adjutant – Army, Veterans of Foreign Wars Michigan

  • Organization: U CAN-CER VIVE Foundation, based in Milford, founded by siblings Ryan and Kelley LaFontaine of the LaFontaine Automotive Group. Several volunteer members of U CAN-CER VIVE accepted the award.

The U CAN-CER VIVE Foundation was established in 2016 to support cancer research. Founded by siblings Ryan and Kelley LaFontaine, the ongoing mission of the foundation is to provide vital funding and support for local cancer research grants. The LaFontaine’s passion toward the fight against cancer stems from the heart and soul of the family’s commitment to give back, knowing firsthand the impact that cancer can have on a family. Since the nonprofit was established, U CAN-CER VIVE has raised nearly $2 million for five research grants currently active in Michigan. The foundation contributed funds to support pancreatic cancer research at Karmanos Cancer Institute in honor of the late L. Brooks Patterson. In addition, the organization, in conjunction with the LaFontaine family, supported Karmanos Cancer Institute’s 2019 Partners Night, which raised critical funds for a tumor organ donation program. The foundation also helps spread awareness and supports those battling cancer with their annual Valentine’s Day teddy bear program. Operated solely by passionate volunteers, the LaFontaine’s are proud to be able to donate 100 percent of the profits of U CAN-CER VIVE to help support and give hope to those with cancer.

«We began U CAN-CER VIVE to unite and engage the community to help support cancer research. We are so proud to partner with Karmanos Cancer Institute’s team of experts who share the same mission and vision of a world free of cancer.»  – Kelly Lafontaine

For demonstrated leadership in basic or clinical cancer research.  Michael J. Brennan, M.D., was a nationally-renowned oncologist and president of the Michigan Cancer Foundation, the forerunner of the Karmanos Cancer Institute. He was also professor emeritus of Medicine for Wayne State University School of Medicine. He took the helm of Michigan Cancer Foundation in 1966, serving as its president until 1991. Under his leadership, in 1978, MCF became the country’s 20th National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, a distinction Karmanos maintains to this day. Dr. Brennan was a pioneer in cancer research, a mentor and inspiration who helped put Karmanos on the map as a leader in compassionate and comprehensive cancer care. Dr. Brennan passed away in 2010 at the age of 89. He was loved by his family, friends and patients and will forever be remembered for his wisdom, warmth, commitment and dedication.

  • Asfar Azmi, Ph.D., of Canton, co-Leader of the Tumor Biology and Microenvironment Program at Karmanos Cancer Institute and assistance professor at Wayne State University School of Medicine 

Dr. Asfar Azmi is consistently enthusiastic about working with fellow researchers on various projects and is especially focused on engaging with the next generation of scientists. When asked to brainstorm or consider new scientific strategies, Dr. Azmi is always willing to explore areas not yet well established. He recently secured a prestigious federal grant, a significant achievement for a young faculty member such as himself. Being recognized by the National Cancer Institute is a prestigious validation that his scientific endeavors are worthy of longer-term funding. Dr. Azmi continues to work diligently to ensure that new scientific discoveries are made. He is an excellent young faculty member who is engaged, collaborative and admired by his colleagues for his professionalism and dedication to eradicating cancer.

«I am extremely honored and, at the same time humbled, to be considered for the Heroes of Cancer Scientific Distinction award. I sincerely thank the Heroes Committee for selecting me for this award. A special thanks to every member of my research team and my mentors for their continuous support. Without them, this would not have been possible.» – Dr. Asfar Azmi

Named after Gloria Heppner, Ph.D., a research trailblazer and retired associate vice president in the Division of Research at Wayne State University School of Medicine. This award honors an individual and/or organization that has proven success with innovative initiatives that help advance cancer research. 

  • Kay-Uwe Wagner, Ph.D., of Troy, leader of the Tumor Biology and Microenvironment Program at Karmanos Cancer Institute and professor at Wayne State University School of Medicine

Dr. Kay-Uwe Wagner, leader of the Tumor Biology and Microenvironment Program, joined Karmanos Cancer Institute in 2018.  He and his team of clinical and basic researchers are developing a Tumor Organ Donation Program that will study the cellular and molecular processes that drive the initiation and metastatic progression of cancers cells through their interaction with healthy cells in an organ. The information gained will have a long-term impact on research pertaining to the spread of cancer cells and help lead to new breakthroughs, providing researchers with access to a library of ethnically diverse cancer specimens. Studying these specimens will help to better understand the tumor progression in a specific patient, and examine why and when cancer cells typically spread to particular healthy organs. These models enable the testing of targeted therapies which can bring about new and improved cancer medications.

«I am deeply honored to be a recipient of the Dr. Gloria Heppner Innovative Science Award. I thank the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute for recognizing the scientific accomplishments of our team, including past trainees that I have had the privilege to mentor. I am fortunate to work with outstanding colleagues here at Karmanos Cancer Institute and Wayne State University.» – Dr. Kay-Uwe Wagner

An individual and/or group who demonstrates an unwavering commitment to improve education, screening and treatment of a certain type of cancer to encourage prevention while increasing survivorship and advocating to advance cancer research.

  • Nancie Petrucelli of Royal Oak, senior genetic counselor and director of Karmanos Cancer Institute’s Cancer Genetic Counseling Service

Nancie Petrucelli is a dedicated genetic counselor who does her work quietly and without fanfare, according to her colleagues. Despite her low profile, her work has a huge impact on patients and families who are referred to Genetic Counseling Services. Petrucelli’s calm demeanor puts patients and their loved ones at ease. She is able to share valuable information that can serve as a tool for a family’s health history. Under her leadership, Karmanos Cancer Institute has expanded its genetic testing and counseling services through the Karmanos Cancer Network, which is comprised of 16 locations across the state. Additionally, Petrucelli was recently named Outstanding Clinical Supervisor by the National Society of Genetic Counselors for her Wayne State University Genetic Counseling Graduate Program.

«I am extremely honored and deeply humbled to be receiving the Karmanos Cancer Institute Heroes of Cancer Ribbon Champion Award. I am genuinely grateful for this recognition for work that I find truly gratifying, but mostly I am grateful to the countless patients and families I have encountered over the years who have been a true inspiration to me. They make it all worthwhile.» – Nancie Petrucelli

  • Organization: B.R.A.V.E. – Brothers Receiving & Achieving Victory and Esteem. Accepting the award was B.R.A.V.E. member Frank Fields of Detroit, supported by several fellow members.   

B.R.A.V.E. provides emotional and peer support to men who have gone through cancer. Participants in this program unite and support each other as brothers, sharing their journey with this disease. Members help new patients and their partners/spouses cope with cancer and the adjustments to treatments. Anyone who attends the group is welcomed and greeted with love. Members are dedicated to sustaining the group and they make even the most uncomfortable topics about cancer easy to discuss and, at times, laugh about.

In addition to lending emotional support, B.R.A.V.E. members also volunteer their time to assist at Karmanos’ Annual Cancer Symposium, now in its ninth year. The symposium allows members to connect with other survivors, some of whom are fearful and angry about their cancer diagnoses. Members listen and invite other men to attend B.R.A.V.E., giving them an outlet to express their fears within the group, as well as with loved ones.

«The feelings that the men of B.R.A.V.E. felt when told that we would be honored as one of the recipients of the Karmanos Heroes of Cancer award was an unexpected joy. For we are proud to receive a gift that acknowledges our work in the metro Detroit community.» – The Men of B.R.A.V.E.

The final award of the evening was a surprise and recognized the person who has so generously volunteered her time to emcee Karmanos’ Heroes of Cancer event for numerus years, Ann Delisi.

Recognizing outstanding media work that communicates important messages about cancer awareness.

  • Individual: Ann Delisi of Grosse Pointe, host of Ann Delisi’s Essential Music on WDET101.9 FM and longtime mistress of ceremonies for Karmanos Cancer Institute’s Heroes of Cancer.

When staff at Karmanos Cancer Institute was in the early years of planning the Heroes of Cancer event, they asked Ann Delisi if she would serve as emcee, knowing she would add an extra special touch to the event. There were thrilled when Delisi said yes, and she has been agreeing ever since. Delisi’s career in local media is a well-established blend of television, radio and voiceover work. Behind the scenes, she has helped managed the careers of other recognizable journalist. As busy as Delisi is, she always makes time to be there for her family, helping them whenever and however she can. She knows music inside and out, and her cheerful demeanor and incomparable voice is a welcome sound to many. Delisi is one busy lady, which is why Karmanos Cancer Institute is so very grateful each time she shares her talent and time, making everyone feel like a hero. Whenever she emcees, she beautifully articulates the words in the script so the message is meaningful to all those hearing it. Delisi’s incredible talent, warmth and compassion shines each time she addresses the audience. Her willingness to champion Karmanos’ Heroes of Cancer event each year, as well as her support of other year-round events to help those in the cancer fight, is truly remarkable. Delisi gives a voice to the work being done at Karmanos, as well as the many outstanding community members who are making a real difference for those impacted by cancer. For her generosity and outstanding support, Karmanos Cancer Institute honored Ann Delisi with a 2019 Heroes of Cancer Award Media Award. 

For more information on cancer services and ways to support, call 1-800-KARMANOS (1-800-527-6266) or visit

About the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute 
Karmanos Cancer Institute is a leader in transformative cancer care, research and education through courage, commitment and compassion. Our vision is a world free of cancer. Headquartered in Detroit with 16 locations throughout Michigan, proudly a part of McLaren Health Care, makes Karmanos the largest provider of cancer care and research in the state. Karmanos is recognized by the National Cancer Institute as one of the best cancer centers in the nation. Our academic partnership with the Wayne State University School of Medicine provides the framework for cancer research and education – defining new standards of care and improving survivorship. For more information, call 1-800-KARMANOS (800-527-6266) or visit Follow Karmanos on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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